My order was delivered later than promised. I am angry!
We’re sorry. But as a small company, we don’t have our own logistics network. We rely on professional logistics and courier service providers to deliver your orders. Although we try to hold our delivery partners accountable and request them to adhere to a strict delivery schedule, there is a small chance that the delivery could be delayed for a number of reasons. We’d request you to help us become a big company very soon by buying more posters so that we can afford our own cargo jets to ensure very quick delivery.

The poster was damaged when I got it. 
If you got a damaged poster from us, we’re really sorry. We take care to ensure everything we ship is perfect, but we could have slipped-up. Please send us a photo of the damaged poster within 5 days of delivery. We will ship a brand new poster to you immediately.

My girlfriend took away the poster I had ordered. What do I do?
Take a deep breath. These things happen. Its not the end of the world. Go to www.Imposters.in and order another one. She’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness in putting up the same poster as her. In fact, while you are at it, order a new new one for her too. She will love you for it!

How do you ship?
Posters are nicely rolled and shipped in beautiful, professional-grade shipping tubes. We never fold or crease the posters. All orders are shipped through BlueDart, one of the world’s leading courier companies.

How long does it take for my order to reach me?
We promise delivery in 5-7 days. Unless you live in the Himalayas and are difficult to find, the orders are delivered much faster, sometimes within 48 hours. The cost of shipping is included in the cost of the poster, there are no extra charges.

How do I track my orders?
Once your order has been dispatched, we will email you the shipping details. You can track the your shipment at www.BlueDart.co.in using the tracking number we send you. If your order has been delayed beyond a reasonable period, you can email us at trippygoan@imposters.in and we wll help you track it down and make sure it is delivered to you quickly.

Can you design custom posters?
We can. If you have an interesting idea, write to trippygoan@imposters.in or call +91-9890926072.Though, a custom poster will cost much, much more than buying an off-the-shelf poster.

Can I buy posters in bulk? Is there a different pricing for bulk purchases?
If you want to buy more than 50 posters at a time, we’d be happy to speak to you about a bulk price lower than our retail price. Please write to trippygoan@imposters.in or call +91-9890926072.

You guys are awesome. Can I come and meet you?
Sure! We live and work in Goa (yes!). When you’re here, call/write to us and we’d be happy to meet.

Are you hiring?
Yes. We’re always looking for brilliant designers. If you’re not a designer, but otherwise awesome, write to us at trippygoan@imposters.in

I love those Imposters t-shirts you guys wear, can I get one?
We’d love to send each of our customers an Imposters t-shirt, but we’d have to get into the t-shirt business to do that. However, if you really want one, write to trippygoan@imposters.in and if we have an extra one, we’ll send it to you along with your order.

Do you own the copyright to all of these posters?
Yes. All posters on our website have been designed by people in our team and the copyright rests with us. If you illegally print/copy/use any of these posters, we will hunt you down and bring you to justice.

I live outside India and want to order your posters. How?
Currently, we do not ship outside India. However, if you really want some of our posters, please write to robin@imposters.in. He will try his best to see if we can ship posters to you outside India. He might even offer to take a flight and bring the posters to you. Don’t take him seriously, he’s just being nice.
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