Salvador Dali Poster Packaging

The idea for Imposters was seeded in our mind when we were looking for art to put up on our office walls. We couldn’t find anything beautiful. And the stuff we liked cost more than an airconditioner, which was higher on our priority. Most online stores only sold film posters or reprints.

Being designers, we decided to make our own posters. We made a few and loved them. So we decided to set up a company that would make beautiful posters and sell them at a price that folks like us could afford.

Each poster that we sell has been made by us and is available only on And we only make and sell posters that we really love and would put in our offices or homes. So we don’t have 571 posters for you to choose from. But the ones we have, are the carefully chosen few that we love and whole-heartedly recommend. We hope you love them too and when you hang them in your workplace or home, they give you as much joy as they give us.

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